Infant Program (6 Weeks - 15 Months)

Infants grow and learn every day. Our program provides a safe and nurturing environment for your baby to explore and discover their world. Our infant room is designed to give your baby the skills that will serve as a building block for a lifetime of learning. 

Toddler Program (15 Months - 24 Months)

Our toddler program is based on the fact that children learn best through play. Your toddler will experience their world through various play activities each day that will help them develop their language and social skills as they interact with staff and make their first friends. 

Pre-School Program (2 ½ Years - 4 Years)

At 2 years, children are beginning to make new discoveries and to exert their independence. Our program prepares them and opens their eyes to a world of learning through daily activities in music, arts & craft and early learning activities that continue to grow with them through pre-school. At age 3-4 years, they have gained self-esteem and ready to take to the world. Our pre-school program enhances that confidence through structured and independent activities such as math, science, early literacy, social-studies and movement throughout the day . We provide both indoor and outdoor activities
for a healthy child.

School Age Program (5 Years – 12 Years)

We provide before and after school care for your school age children and assist with home-work.

Meal Program

We provide breakfast, afternoon snacks and a nutritious hot lunch. Our menus are approved by the USDA, no need to "pack a meal" for your child.


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